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Library Ministry:
Leader: Mike J.

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Did you know?
Sonrise has an outstanding collection of books, located in the Fellow

ship Hall on the north wall. The collection includes Bibles, reference books, study guides, self-help books and even some inspirational fiction.

If you haven’t already done so, stop by and browse the titles. Better yet, take a book home and read it at your leisure. There is a sign-out sheet in a folder located in the bookcase. The folder also includes a review form you can use to tell others what you thought about the book when you finish reading it.
Once a month, the church bulletin will include a selected book review to help you decide what to read next.

If you have questions, comments and suggestions call the church office or contact Mike Joyner.

Book Review


TitleNearing Home

Author: Dr. Billy Graham

What was the main purpose of this book? (i.e., self-help, testimonial, bible study,

faith building, etc.)

Faith building and encouragement - This book discusses the realities of life

as we grow older and points out the opportunities for fulfillment in the last

years of our lives. There are many Biblical references that translate into

practical examples of how we can continue to grow and serve God in our

golden years.

Provide a brief summary of the book.

Growing old is not an option; it is a reality that we must all deal with now or

be prepared to deal with in the future. Instead of retreating from the lives

we love we need to learn to embrace our senior years and make the best of

all the opportunities presented as we near the end.

How would you rate the book? (on a scale of 1-5)

Easy to read?     5 out of 5

Easy to understand?     5 out of 5

Held my interest?     5 out of 5

Made good points?     5 out of 5 

Helped me build upon

My relationship with Jesus?     5 out of 5

Other Comments:

The book helped me to build a positive outlook on life as a senior citizen. I

have a much more cheerful outlook on life and look forward to using all that

I have learned to continue to serve the Lord and my church.

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